Haiti Solar Energy specializes in helping residential and commercial owners supply their own energy needs, saving them thousands of dollars in the process while contributing towards a greener, sustainable future and better environment. We offer the highest performing solar energy systems in the industry, so you can be confident our solar solutions will give you the highest return on your investment.


Our team has extensive experience in solar panel design and installation. We have solid relationships with top vendors in the industry, which allows us to get the solar panels and materials needed to build your system on time and in budget. Our premier in-house design and installation teams deliver carefree, turnkey solar systems to our customers, who love our world-class customer service.

  • Solar energy can lower your utility bills, give you energy independence, and help create a better environment and sustainable future.Its easy to do, easy to live with, and it pays for itself.
  • After your initial investment, all the solar power you use is free. Five years from now, the solar power you use will still be free, while energy costs from traditional sources rise higher and higher every day.
  • Solar thermal systems are easy to install and work year round to power your home or business (even on cloudy days). This translates into significant energy bill savings and increases the value of your property.
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If the cost of energy is eating into your bottom line, installing a solar energy system could help you save 20, 30, or even 40 percent on your total energy bill.

Investing in clean, renewable energy can not only significantly lower operating costs, but also increase your property value and increase consumer appeal as an environmentally responsible company. Contact us and go green today!

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Planning to build a new home or installing a new roof on your existing home?

Investing in solar energy can help you save money and add incredible value to your home - all the while helping to save the environment and providing a sustainable future for our children.

Call us early in the design phase and save big!

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